Teaching is an amazing way to propel that move forward to increased growth and expansion. Whether you are ready to facilitate or are just toying with the idea this workshop is for you.  Step up and gain the confidence to teach a group.

One of our most fearful things to do in life is to talk to a group. Imagine being able to do that with ease and confidence. Together we’ll look at your blocks and traits; too shy, too scared, too embarrassed – whatever it is for you and learn how to navigation through these pitfalls.

You don’t need to buy a licence to join us you just need to be interested in teaching at some point.  Maybe you just want to put a toe in the water to see if this might be for you.  If you think that you might be interested but don’t know how to start we will explore your blocks to be that confident, teach you tools and find strategies to move you forward.

If you have a licence to teach you get two free online workshops as part of your package.  We will look at where you are with your group and breakthrough any issues, blocks or patterns that are holding you back.

If you have not already registered as a facilitator please click here.

For existing STL or eSTL facilitators this session counts as one of your two free teleseminars per licence; please contact Alex de Chair for assistance on [email protected]


19:00 - 20:30

Trainer: Alex Patchett-Joyce

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