“I wish to thank Jeff & Sue for a wonderful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was so profoundly deep, powerful, and effective. I did great work with my two buddies. We have agreed to check in next Sunday to keep the support going”.

“This is the way I want to go with workshops, I didn’t have to worry or fuss about driving, looking for food and accommodation, queuing for the toilet.  I could totally focus on the workshop and buddy exercises and keep in the flow”. – MM, Bucks

Our relationships are integral to our happiness and lockdown certainly highlighted that. In a post-Covid-19 world, schools, shops and pubs may be reopening; life may seem to be returning to normal. But we are Generation Covid-19, it has been a huge learning experience. So what are the lessons we have learned or are learning? What does the curriculum still have in store for us, what is the brave new world and what part will we play in it?

Join Jeff and Sue online (via Zoom) to experience and discover:

  • Your power to choose how you want things to be
  • How to be happier within any relationship at home or at work
  • Group dynamics and bonding that can be a springboard for the courage to change.


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– a 2 hour session Fri, 3-5pm (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone)
– 2 hour sessions Sat and Sun, 9 – 11am (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone):
– additional afternoon sessions Sat and Sun, 4-5pm (all the timings are in GMT, UK time zone):
– number of participants limited to 35
– price £150 including VAT. Concessions available
– we are not able to offer translation for this workshop.

We suggest the following minimum technical specifications for joining online Zoom seminars:

11/09/2020 - 13/09/2020

15:00 - 17:00

Trainer: Jeff & Sue Allen

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