A life crisis 30 years ago led us on a path of inner work and self-development. We are dedicated to help others find a better way in relationships, by breaking with destructive patterns and learning to exist in partnership and peace with themselves and others.

Our regular events both online and at Spirthill offer powerful opportunities for change. Because everyone is different, what each person experiences will vary. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

  • Happier relationships at home and at work
  • Confidence to find solutions to your problems
  • Being more free, open, loving and spontaneous
  • Learning to forgive yourself and others, letting go of resentments
  • Realising you cannot change others, you can only change yourself
  • Being more comfortable and confident in any situation.

Would you like to learn simple skills to empower you? Join us at an event and make a real difference in your life, and to the life of your family and friends.

Read our handy guide to ‘what to expect at a workshop’ – please click here.

‘You make a wonderful team and I am once again astonished and grateful for your insights, delivered with such grace and good humour”. MR, Glos

  • Brave New World - Online Workshop with Jeff & Sue Allen

    11/09/2020 - 13/09/2020

    Trainer: Jeff & Sue Allen


    “I wish to thank Jeff & Sue for a wonderful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was so profoundly deep, powerful, and effective. I did great work with my two buddies. We have agreed to check in next Sunday to keep the support going”.

    “This is the way I want to go with workshops, I didn’t have to worry or fuss about driving, looking for food and accommodation, queuing for the toilet.  I could totally focus on the workshop and buddy exercises and keep in the flow”. – MM, Bucks

    Our relationships are integral to our happiness and lockdown certainly highlighted that. In a post-Covid-19 world, schools, shops and pubs may be reopening; life may seem to be returning to normal. But we are Generation Covid-19, it has been a huge learning experience. So what are the lessons we have learned or are learning? What does the curriculum still have in store for us, what is the brave new world and what part will we play in it?

    Join Jeff and Sue online (via Zoom) to experience and discover:

    • Your power to choose how you want things to be
    • How to be happier within any relationship at home or at work
    • Group dynamics and bonding that can be a springboard for the courage to change.


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    Love Heals - 3 Day Workshop with Jeff Allen

    02/10/2020 - 04/10/2020

    Trainer: Jeff Allen

    Location: Eiterfeld-Buchenau

    For more details of this event and registration:

    Paribhasha Steitz-Andel

    Tel: 49(0)179 – 4854053
    Email: p.s.steitz@icloud.com
    Website: parisevents.de

    or click here.

    Cost: Earlybird Price – €280; Couple Price – €495

    Translation can be provided for non German speaking participants

    Unwrapping your Presence - 2.5 Day Workshop

    20/11/2020 - 22/11/2020

    Trainer: Jeff & Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    “Thank you for a very wonderful and truly transformational workshop. The workshop room has wonderful energy and you both work brilliantly together.”

    With the end of 2020 fast approaching, we will reflect on the past year and how it has shaped our relationships, with partners, families, colleagues and the wider world.

    Join Jeff and Sue in wonderful Wiltshire to explore the blocks that keep us from intimacy and awareness, sharing and success. We all feel trapped at times by the power struggles, deadness or walls of separation that prevent true partnership.

    Discover practical and proven ways to:

    • Uncover old beliefs and patterns
    • Experience real bonding
    • Allow the love and happiness you deserve – and all in time for Christmas!


    We look forward to seeing you.