The changes you can expect from a workshop

Because everyone is different, what each person experiences will vary. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

      • Happier relationships at home and at work
      • Confidence to find solutions to your problems
      • Being more free, open, loving and spontaneous
      • Learning to forgive yourself and others, letting go of resentments
      • Realising you cannot change others, you can only change yourself
      • Being more comfortable and confident in any situation.
  • Would you like to learn simple skills to empower you? Join us at an event and make a real difference in your life, and to the life of your family and friends.
  • Read our handy guide to ‘what to expect at a workshop – please click here.

‘You make a wonderful team and I am once again astonished and grateful for your insights, delivered with such grace and good humour”. MR, Glos

  • Happiness & Purpose - 2 day workshop

    30/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

    Trainer: Jeff Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    Our true life path is already set up for us. This is a contribution that would
    naturally bring happiness to ourselves and also to others. It is within us but most
    of us are afraid to know it fully.

    Our fears can show up in many forms; any problems and heartbreaks, hard work
    and heaviness, grievances and roles, will delay our path to our purpose.
    This workshop will uncover any subconscious or unconscious issues that block
    our purpose, and allow us to make new choices for our fulfillment and happiness.

    Healing Through Love - A One Day Workshop with Julie Wookey


    Trainer: Julie Wookey

    Location: Rushall, Pewsey


    “Before time began the loving world rested in the eternal. With the creation of our world time and space began. You and every stone, bush, raindrop, star, mountain and flower originates in the loving world. The visible darkness dissipates in this experience and we will harvest the wisdom of love together.”

    Vital Health - Welcome to Wellness: an introduction


    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    This is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the wellbeing pool and explore how to achieve and maintain your optimum health in mind and body.

    Give yourself a treat and allow us to share with you some easy to implement tools for everyday living.

    This event will be in the comfortable and peaceful surroundings of the South Barn, a family-run retreat in Spirthill.

    Price: £50

    Sample Schedule

    9.30 – Arrival

    10.00 – Welcome ginger shot and introductions

    10.30 – Yummy juice and Interactive session on the body and mind connection

    11.30 – Yoga, stretching and relaxation

    12.30 – Lunch – delicious nurturing soup

    13.oo – Hand massage and meditation

    13.45 – The world of microbes and Microbz

    14.00 – Interactive session on the body and mind connection

    15.00 – Final thoughts and free gift

    Join husband and wife team, Jeff and Sue Allen, renowned international life coaches and Patricia Campbell-Parker, an informed and experienced professional within the juicing and health world for this powerful and exclusive offering.

    Spaces are limited: maximum 15.

    Happy Families - Evening Meeting No 1


    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    At the heart of any problem or unhappiness lies a sense of separation from others and even from ourselves

    Whatever the problem, whatever the history, whether you are the child or the parent, discover new levels of understanding and solutions to change any situation.

    The Holistic You - UK 5 day Vital Health Retreat

    03/10/2018 - 07/10/2018

    Trainer: Jeff Allen

    Location: Spirthill, Nr Calne

    5 day workshop of coaching and optional juicing with Jeff Allen, VisionWorks trainer

    At the heart of any problem or unhappiness lies a sense of separation from others and even from ourselves.

    Many of us appear to have a pretty good life, yet still deep down we have a sense of loneliness and distance from the people we love and care about. We may gradually have fewer friends, less connection to the community around us, more health issues and an increasing sense of solitude.

    Getting along with Absolutely Anyone - Evening Meeting No 2


    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    At the heart of any problem or unhappiness lies a sense of separation from others and even from ourselves

    Techniques to make every relationship work and transform the problem areas of our lives.

    Stress, Anxiety & Gut Health - Evening Meeting No 3


    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    We explore the importance of gut health and how it impacts our emotional wellbeing.

    At the heart of any problem or unhappiness lies a sense of separation from others and even from ourselves

    Relationships - Heaven or Hell? - 3 day workshop

    23/11/2018 - 25/11/2018

    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Spirthill

    “Thank you for a very wonderful and truly transformational workshop. The workshop room has wonderful energy and you both work brilliantly together.”

    Every relationship, at home or at work, is either getting worse or it is getting better. Our relationships are not static; they are dynamic in one direction or another depending on whether we make them about specialness and needs, or whether we make them about learning and growing. And even long term relationships, no matter how solid they are, go through difficult cycles.

    Vital Health Retreat - Spain 2-6 April 2019

    02/04/2019 - 06/04/2019

    Trainer: Jeff and Sue Allen

    Location: Girona

    Take time for yourself and give your body an opportunity to detox and revitalise with juice fasting, bodywork and an exploration of attitudes to health & happiness in the beautiful Province of Girona, Spain.

    With five days of physical detox alongside daily sessions exploring the psycho-dynamics of health, Vital Health offers participants a powerful mix of cleansing and self-enquiry.

    Shiatsu massage, colonic hydrotherapy, Hawaiian bodywork, physiotherapy, balancing body and mind, meditation,  , yoga and pilates are some of the therapies on offer at Vital Health, which participants can choose to enjoy during the five days.

    At a distance of only 1 km from Sant Feliu de Guixols, the Eden Roc Hotel is on a quiet peninsula with uninterrupted sea views. Come and enjoy a full five days in a focused, relaxed ambiance fully supporting your detox programme in a mild and pleasant climate.

    The Eden Roc is the perfect place to unwind, breath deeply and above all rest profoundly in body, mind and spirit, surrendering to loving hearts and very capable hands.

    For more information and pricing, see the Vital Health Retreat website. Click here.