After making every mistake in the relationship book, Sue and Jeff brought their marriage back from the brink of divorce. How Love Works is filled with accounts of the authors’ own relationship. This is everything you always needed to know about relationships but have never been taught – until now.

Your book is insightful and full of loving, caring wisdom. It will stay with me always. Julie Drake


Tried and tested around the world these powerful modular programmes have helped 1000s of people to reach their goals and fulfil their potential.


30-module personal development programme facilitated in small groups. If you’re serious about finding powerful solutions, Steps to Leadership provides new concepts, perspectives, and insights designed to teach, inspire and transform.

I have taken many courses and programs in my life as I have always been committed to my own personal and professional evolution. STL by far has been the most effective for me. I love sharing this work with those in my life and have introduced many of my friends to POV. Lydia Masri


12-module programme to enrich parent child relationships. Discover many new tools, and a deeper understanding of the family dynamic, as you become a happier and more fulfilled parent.

I feel if the whole world did this once we would all have better lives together. Petra


12-module programme covering the fundamentals of success in business. Gain an understanding of how things unfold in the workplace. This is essential to help people in business get ahead of the curve and so that they are not just firefighting in reaction but with their increased awareness they can be in a place of leadership.

A fresh perspective on how to handle life issues such as stress, dilemmas, stagnation. CD

If you have a thorough knowledge of the principles of PoV, you may be eligible to become a facilitator or take advanced training. Are you ready to explore your growing edge?

The Steps to Leadership course is a gift to facilitate. To experience the miraculous changes that transform the students as they progress thru this inspirational course, is one of the best life experiences I’ve had. Victoria Dickenson