Chuck Spezzano, Ph. D., and Lency Spezzano, M.S, are the founders of Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology, and wields the miracle power of grace.

Jeff and Sue Allen’s work is the result of the many days of training they received with the Spezzanos and the deep friendship and circle of support that continues between them today.

The primary source of Vision Works for Life programmes is Psychology of Vision (PoV), and all facilitators are required to have attended some days of PoV training and to have a good understanding of the principles. For those who wish to continue beyond the level of facilitation, PoV has a graduate programme which requires completing a minimum of a 100 days training with PoV (and 30 directly with Chuck and Lency). Graduating offers further advanced training opportunities with the founders on the Mastery Programme which in turn leads to Chuck and Lency’s Psychology of Vision Programme for Trainers, of which there are currently seventy who teach worldwide.

Chuck Spezzano has worked for over thirty years in the healing profession, travelling internationally since 1980 to teach his developing psychological model. Lency Spezzano has also worked for over thirty years in the healing profession, developing many programs and services for deaf people, and then creating Honolulu’s Hugs program for children with life threatening illnesses, before developing PoV with Chuck.

They have two grown children and they live in Hawaii.

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